Self-Guided Walking Tours



On this tour, you will meet community leader Queene Amirian, muralist Victor Arnautoff, education advocate Anna Zschokke, former Palo Alto mayor Sid Espinosa, artist Irene Ruth Mock Wong, and tech visionaries Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard.

You will also learn about Chinese immigrant Wong Foon Yen (pictured here) and her time on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay.

THis tour is 2 miles long and includes 7 stops.

Midtown walking tour


Meet Captain John Lucas Greer and his wife Maria, suffragist and pioneer Sarah Wallis, Mayfield postmaster Lambert Dornberger, and nonprofit founder Audrey Li (pictured here).

You will also meet Jesus Ramos and Secundino Robles, who farmed the 8,418-acre Rancho Rincon de San Francisquito (today, south Palo Alto and Barron Park).

THis tour is 3.7 miles long and includes 5 stops.

HIlls / University 

On this tour, you will meet trailblazer Juana Briones, Mayfield's first treasurer E. Frederick Weisshaar, and politician and industrialist Leland Stanford (pictured here).

You will learn the Frenchman’s real name and why he changed it en route to America. You will meet James Otterson, who built the first tavern in Mayfield, and Jane Stanford, who co-founded Stanford University and kept it going after her husband’s death.

THis tour is 7 miles long and includes 5 stops.

Thank yoU to our Volunteer researchers, the Palo Alto Historical Association, and the Los Altos history museum!