Palo Alto Welcome Week

September 12 - 22, 2019

About Us

We believe in the power of stories to transform us by sharing valuable lessons, teaching us about our history, and broadening our perspectives. In a week of storytelling and sharing, we hope to raise awareness of the benefits of welcoming everyone into our community.

Throughout the week, organizations across Palo Alto will feature events and activities to celebrate immigrants and newcomers, their stories, and their exceptional contributions to our community through art displays, historical walking tours, exhibits, multi-media storytelling, and much more!

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Closing Celebration

September 21: Welcome Week Potluck & Storytelling Lounge

Join Us for A Walking Tour!

Take one of our self-guided storytelling walking tours featuring historical and modern-day stories about immigrants and newcomers. Walk into history and learn about amazing individuals who have lived in our city.

Share your story!

The Palo Alto Museum is collecting stories, photographs, and videos about Palo Alto residents for its first exhibit: #IAmPaloAlto! The Museum wants to hear your story: how and when did you and your family arrive here? What brought your family to the city? Tell us about your life in Palo Alto! What do you love about your city? What makes you proud to live here?

Contribute your short stories, essays, photographs or videos here, or connect with Palo Alto Museum online using the hashtag #IAmPaloAlto.